Monday, December 2, 2013

3000 Backlinks Free

3000 Backlinks free ! What is this? This is a free backlinks making  service which a company called imtalk provides for free.The intension of writing this article about these kind of automated backlink makers is not about giving you free 3000 backlinks. It is to make you all aware about the risk of using these kind of automated backlink makers.

Free Backlinks! How do they do this? They use an automated bot to create those backlinks. What is the risk of these backlinks? When talking about the risk, with the new penguin updates by google, if your blog or site would be detected as a spam site. How does this happen? If you scatter your backlinks every where in the internet google will identify these links as spam links and the your site too a spam site. When these auto backlink making sites there is no guarantee of the quality of the backlinks. It's obvious that those backlinks are from high page rank sites, but still sites like Alexa does not identify those backlinks as valid ones. 

When creating quality backlinks you have to choose the sites related to your own site's niche. These free backlink indexing services will create a whole lot of bunch of backlinks with out the relevance or regarding to your site's niche. And the automated backlinks won't even generate any traffic to your site. It will just index your website or blog as a spam site. And you will lose your audience for sure. So if you are going to use these kind of free backlink making services to make free backlinks please think more than twice.

In future I will write a post about how to make quality backlinks to your blog or site without detecting as a spammer.  I hope you have learnt something from this. 

You could read how to take the maximum advantage from your visitors HERE. And if you want to know how to get legit, easy method to get easy USA traffic to your blog READ THIS ARTICLE

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